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DAILY: Endless Winter

Here in Minnesota, Winter lasts forever. I’ve been what I consider to be a good sport about the interminable cold this season, but after another week of way-below-zero temperatures... to say I’m over it is being nice. Today it’s warm out -- relatively -- so I’m getting off this blog and exploring the creek for some bracing fresh air and space to think. And when the temperature drops again, I’ll be pouring myself a big glass of something strong, hot, and boozy, plotting a departure South.

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READ: If You Want to Write

Blogging is having the courage to say something. To just write --  right now. If you're nervous -- chill out. No one is really reading But if they are - and yeah, your mom counts - congratulations.  You've  won them over with a genuine voice and free-wheeling nature. Those casual readers will check-in again, and when they do, if you've left a typo un-corrected -- maybe they'll find it charming.Don't worry about sounding overly self-aware and navel-gazing -- you will. Write despite. Hopefully others will benefit from your self-obsession.

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