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DENIM: The Levi's® 505c

Of course, these recent trends need a counterpart that's somewhere in the middle. A look that nods to the Levi's brand and it's history as the outfitter of cultural rebels, thought-leaders , and fashion icons while taking directly from their archives of perfected fit blocks to produce a straight leg style that is neither bootylicious nor loose. Enter the 505c --  set to debut for Fall 2016 that will bring back one of the brands most popular fits to a new generation of consumers who are looking for authentic and vintage-inspired denim at the $98 price point.

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READ & WRITE: Essential Blogging Tips

Blogging is hard work but it's rewarding work. When I get to a place where I am writing freely, where I am able to post when I want about what I want, when I feel organized, when my correspondence is up to date -- that is when my content is ticking. And that's when relationships are built. That's when new opportunities knock on my door. And it's when I feel most personally fulfilled and inspired. I want you to have that feeling too. So here goes. My Essential Blogging Tips

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VENTURES: Sam Huff & Meghan Wright Talk Money, Marriage, and Making it Work

  Money -- and it's accompanying psycological counterparts -- choice, security, independence,  autonomy -- are deeply at play in all parts of our life. And all parts certainly include the center of our most intimate relationships. Sam Huff and Meghan Wright are husband, wife, and business partners. Wrapping arms around the needs of both their companies -- Tanner Goods and Mazama Wares respectively -- while also making marriage (and money) work is certainly no small feat.

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READ & WRITE: The Invitation

It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living.I want to know what you ache for and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing. It doesn’t interest me what planets are squaring your moon... I want to know if you have touched the centre of your own sorrow if you have been opened by life’s betrayals or have become shrivelled and closed from fear of further pain.

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GEAR: Levi's Commuter Fall 2015 Collection

After six seasons of developing cycling product strictly for men, Spring 2015 saw the first capsule collection of Commuter product designed specifically for gals. This fall, the line for women has since expanded. Not only are the woven button-up workshirts both more bike-friendly and exceedingly feminine, but the collection now includes stand-out items like a wool trucker jacket blended with techinical fleece as well as a handsome waxed cotton parka with reflective 3M details.

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The weather here in the high plains of Minnesota has been brutal. Black ice, strong winds, blowing snow. These, along with other conditions of the spirit have driven me further into my already very reserved world of writing and reflection.

At night when work can be carried on no longer the stash of dog-eared maps come out. New Mexico, Arizona, Texas. I circle border towns with my pen -- Taos, Sedona, Terlingua, Bisbee, Chimayo -- tracing the sinewy scenic routes to each through mountains, deserts, and reservations with nail-bitten fingers.

Despite modern convenience this cold has sent me into a reptilian state of shock. Will I make it out alive? Will everyone? And how? These are the questions that fester for some time, until the warmer weather and longer spells of sunlight appear as promised.

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Finisterre: How A Cold Water Surf Brand Became the UK’s Greatest Innovator in Design + Sustainability

Monocle has forthrightly dubbed Finisterre as ‘The Perfect Brand’ and GQ has proclaimed their Anabatic shell as one of the one hundred best things in the world.  In addition to design, the company has been applauded for their initiatives around sustainability, with their efforts winning them both the Volvo European Sport Award For Eco Design as well as the Observer Ethical Business Award.

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