Recently these photos from swedish clothing brand Filippa K. flitted across my monitor via one of my very favorite interior design blogs, the Design Chaser, and in an instant I knew I had to share and savor them here.

I love how the simple and minimal décor of the Filippa K. home offices set off the soft organic drape and vivid hues of the clothing. The use of natural textures like creamy beige leather, grassy rattan, and soft linen soften the clean, bold lines of the space and complement the minimal design of the furnishings. Side note -- isn't it amazing how the addition of a few well-considered plants can enliven an otherwise austere space with ebullient personality?  If I could live in this showroom-slash-office, I would. Looking forward to stealing a few of these styling tricks for my own space when the time is right. 

* All photos courtesy of Filippa K. / the Design Chaser