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WEAR: Pre-Fall 2017 and the Meta Trends to Expect

If you're buying anything new this year, consider a bold coat or accessory in the season's favored forest green or sophisticated olive kahki. Not only are these colors completely classic and season-less, they'll be incredibly on-trend come spring and into fall. The Pantone color of the year may be Greenery, but the sophisticated apparel answer to this trend is certainly shades of rich kale for a more neutral, luxe, and fashion-forward approach to this rejuvenating color. 

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VIBES: Remsy Music

"With a Johnny Cash guitar-strum shuffle and breathy vocals that sound as though they could have been sung through a tunnel, Remsy's first single 'Lucky Two' is nothing if not entirely promising. Her dreamy, throwback melody gets some moody texture from exemplary sound mixing, accomplished here by Grammy-award winning sound engineer Jeff Lipton.  There's the contemporary lyricism of love lost yet not forgotten. A lively, bright guitar riff at the bridge. And finally a staccato sort of hand clap or gun shot that punctuates throughout, like the slash of a cracked whip or a winding lasso as it cuts through the sky."

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WEAR: Woolrich Footwear

We have officially entered the time of year during which I wear my Carhartt beanie around the apartment from sun-up to sun-down, drink hot toddy’s almost exclusively, and have monthly aneurysms when I open my heating bills. This is not all bad, as it is also the time of year when I get to bring out all manner of work boots from my closet in the name of seasonally appropriate dressing.

Intended for men, the Yankee Buck Boot by Woolrich Footwear was designed to pay homage to classic workwear boot styles from the turn of the century. Although a bit serious in profile, during this time of year the look is more sensible than steampunk and I find myself reaching for these when shoveling snow, running icy errands to the Home Depot, and for any and all other seemingly un-sexy city slicker winter tasks.

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Shop: Idun

Located on Selby Avenue near the Cathedral Hill neighborhood Idun (pronounced Eee-dun) is manned by Dahlia Brue and stocks a contemporary assortment of minimal, well-made clothing for women. Brue is a keen example of the power of a woman with a hyper-sharp aesthetic. Possessing a true editor's eye, Brue buys for the store and was also responsible the interior's unique design. With lines like YMC, Samuji, and Rachel Comey represented, the shop is unique for it's playful brand of minimalism and sophisticated restraint.

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GEAR: woolrich white aw14

The inaugural lookbook for the one-hundred-and-eighty-four-year old brand's latest endeavor features a range of vests, pull-overs, jackets, and casual bottoms in trim cuts and bold colors. A nod to the brands early Pennsylvanian heritage is found in the women's blanket-stripe shawls, the buffalo-check coats, and the mackinaw-style jackets. However, a hefty dose of au-courant youthfulness is imbued with genius layering and sporty styling.

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If there is one store that just nails it every time with their curated seasonal collections, it is Mill Mercantile. The sister store to San Francisco's venerable Unionmade, Mill possesses the same ethos of stocking timeless, unassuming and elegant pieces. But while Unionmade's speciality are American-made provisions and heritage brands such as Ebbet's Field, Red Wing, LVC, Filson, and Quoddy, Mill is more globally-minded in the the brands they stock, with some of my favorites being  Japanese brands Kapital, Journal Standard, Blue Blue Japan, and Fog Linen Works.

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DENIM DIARIES: DAY 18 - Pecos boots and Long Johns

When the Red Wing Pecos boot was introduced in 1953 it was the first to combine traditional western styling in a super tough work boot.  I'm sure those ranchers, farmers, and oil rig workers reached for their 8188's in the mornings for the same reasons that I do. A convenient and quick pull-on is perfect for waking up on winter mornings.

The sartorial equation of pecos + long johns + a hudson bay coat is so foolproof it should be  an algorithmic rule. This outfit is especially well-suited to December in Minnesota, when everything seems to occur very early and is always very urgent.  Picking up relatives at the crack of dawn, moving the car to the other side of the street because the plow is coming, running to the store before they close because we all ran out of cranberry sauce at the 11th hour....

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MUSES: battling bella

Today's fashion inspiration comes from an unlikely source -- Bella Abzug. Feminist, fashion plate, leader, lawyer, US representative, Zionist.... - Battling Bella wore many hats. Literally.

As a young New York attorney in the 1940's Bella wore wide-brimmed hats around the offices of Pressman, Witt & Cammer so as to not be mistaken for a secretary. They quickly became her trademark, long after receiving the appropriate accolades and attention. Her 1970 campaign slogan was inspired, just like her headwear choices.

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