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GEAR: woolrich white aw14

The inaugural lookbook for the one-hundred-and-eighty-four-year old brand's latest endeavor features a range of vests, pull-overs, jackets, and casual bottoms in trim cuts and bold colors. A nod to the brands early Pennsylvanian heritage is found in the women's blanket-stripe shawls, the buffalo-check coats, and the mackinaw-style jackets. However, a hefty dose of au-courant youthfulness is imbued with genius layering and sporty styling.

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GROOM: briar winters of marble and milkweed

February is my month of self-care marked by excessive moisturization, so of course it is also the best month to feature Briar Rose Winters of Marble and Milkweed. ‘Disarmingly analog,’ her line of personally-blended, small-batch beauty products are integral to my top shelf this month.

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DAILY: Endless Winter

Here in Minnesota, Winter lasts forever. I’ve been what I consider to be a good sport about the interminable cold this season, but after another week of way-below-zero temperatures... to say I’m over it is being nice. Today it’s warm out -- relatively -- so I’m getting off this blog and exploring the creek for some bracing fresh air and space to think. And when the temperature drops again, I’ll be pouring myself a big glass of something strong, hot, and boozy, plotting a departure South.

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DENIM DIARIES: DAY 18 - Pecos boots and Long Johns

When the Red Wing Pecos boot was introduced in 1953 it was the first to combine traditional western styling in a super tough work boot.  I'm sure those ranchers, farmers, and oil rig workers reached for their 8188's in the mornings for the same reasons that I do. A convenient and quick pull-on is perfect for waking up on winter mornings.

The sartorial equation of pecos + long johns + a hudson bay coat is so foolproof it should be  an algorithmic rule. This outfit is especially well-suited to December in Minnesota, when everything seems to occur very early and is always very urgent.  Picking up relatives at the crack of dawn, moving the car to the other side of the street because the plow is coming, running to the store before they close because we all ran out of cranberry sauce at the 11th hour....

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