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CRAFT: Black & White - Twelve Quilts

I love the intersection of heritage craft and contemporary design, for nothing wonderful is ever wholly new. It's always a combination of influences and ideas. Whether these disparate ideas are taken from different cultures, periods of time, or methods of construction new thoughts combined with old-school techniques (or vice versa) is always compelling and so very beautiful.

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CRAFT: Ceramics from Memphis' 'Paper and Clay'

Paper&Clay delights with a whimsical array of sophisticated tints and a wholly fresh take on forms. Now based in Memphis, TN the discovery of  promising young ceramist Brit McDaniels and her charming range may have just made my weekend. Minimal and sophisticated, I am particularly fond of Brit's color palette -- fresh mints, subtle blush, and cool greys.

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CRAFT: scout by two

Bookended between the sartorial dictations of urban Brooklyn and rural Alabama, where each now reside, their line of accessories launched last year is built upon tenants of practicality and ease of use. The result is something equally at home in both the Shoals and the streets of Greenpoint.

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