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VIBES: Hugh Holland and the Seventies SoCal Skate Scene

“The style was incredible,” says Holland. “That’s what brought me to it in the first place. I always say it’s like a ballet on concrete. I came into it being totally fascinated with capturing the point where the action reaches its peak.”He also caught the in-between times, the static of those suburban days, “boys standing around not doing anything, just waiting”.

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DENIM DIARIES: Photographer Farhad Samari

This month I've been inspired by the work of photographer and denim aficionado Farhad Samari.

"Farhad was born in Iran, raised in southern California, and lives in Los Angeles. His love for photography grew out of his interest in all things creative. Farhad's intuitive style is a mixture of fine art and photojournalism.

He draws great inspiration from music, cinema, architecture, nature, painting, travel, history, beautifully designed objects, and timeless style.

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