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Artist Feature: Cait Courneya

Cait Courneya is an illustrator, painter, and surface designer living and working in Minneapolis, MN. She is soon to launch her Fall 2018 collection of new products, prints, and textiles and I can’t wait to see what kind of dreamy goodness she shares next. Read a little more about Cait and drool over her work in this blog post.

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SHOP: the Foundry Home Goods 

For me, the Foundry Home Goods has been that very sort of special shop since opening in 2012. It is beautiful, yet simple. Accessible, yet aspirational. There is a distinct sort of compassion and care that emanates from the shop which cannot be ignored. There’s usually some sage burning and Ruby -- the requisite chocolate lab shop dog -- will be padding around the floorboards. A busy Saturday at the shop means Anna -- the owner -- will float down the stairs in an ethereal white dress and offer everyone inside a Popsicle --- or a beer. Or both. Depending on their age.

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MUSES: Kate Worum

A graduate of Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Kate works for Target in trend research and development by day, and her side hustle is comprised of a steady stream of freelance illustration work by night. Kate’s personal projects are where her flippant and freewheelin’ sense of humor really come out to play – (um, hello boob-print wallpaper) and every piece she creates never fails to put a smile on my face or a spring in my step. A breath of fresh air, this one.

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ABODE: At Home

I stumbled across a two-bedroom apartment in the north east corner of town early last month and shortly thereafter moved in -- crates of denim jackets in tow. There was good mojo in this building and I needed change in a big way.

This new neighborhood is a textured one. For being so close to downtown, it feels very removed, oftentimes otherworldly. I am reminded of the working-class vibe inherent in Nashvilles's Marathon Village and nearby Germantown and the 'get-er-done' vibe of rural Red Wing, MN

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GEAR: Finisterre and spring jumpers

I know we're all thinking about spring and summer and lightweight frocks and gauzy caftans right now, but I'm actually pinching my pennies for Finisterre's next fall winter line. If this winter from hell was a harbinger of our new climate-change reality, well, I'm not going to be caught with my pants down the next time our mercury dips far, far below zero.

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SHOP: Midnorth Mercantile

Midnorth Mercantile, Mike's vintage shop and barber parlor was, quite frankly, my favorite place ever, and I made an effort to stop in frequently. Boasting an impressive collection of Schott perfecto jackets, saddle blankets, worn-in Wranglers, Gokey's boots, Mexican serapes and Woolrich 1970's  ski vests -- there was nothing for women, only racks and piles of my favorite thing -  RRL archive-worthy vintage menswear. Sometimes picking up a Dobbs wide-brimmed fedora, or a Pendleton flannel, or a perfectly tatty olive drab army jacket, I always found whatever I needed along with a hefty helping of  inspiration and conversation.

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Shop: Shinola

With the newest Shinola collaboration I've received my do-over.  Their varsity jacket (also available for men) was designed and fabricated with help from SF's Golden Bear Sportswear. An updated fit and a minimal S on the left breast, the piece toes the perfect line between Unionmade boyish and slim chic. How would you style it? I think it would be rad with an old high-waisted pair of 501's and some black ankle boots, or even a demure button-up and some bad-ass leather trousers.

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Shop: Mille

The Mille studio was the location for this April workshop, and the space adheres to mostKinfolk aesthetic stipulations, it being both understated, unassuming, and superbly, simplistically styled.

Owner Michelle LeBlanc is a self-described  'Army Brat' who moved around a lot before spending most of her formative years in Austin. Minnesota folk tend to settle here and stay, sometimes resulting in a slightly sleepy retail scene.  A shop-owner with an upbringing as exotic as, say, Texas is a welcome respite. Heidi Merrick anoraks, bags from Forestbound and Mansur Gavriel totes, wood thickets from Cheeriup and  pastel-colored ankle boots from Dieppa Restrepo -- everyone who enters wants to move in.

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