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CRAFT: marvin freitas

Minnesota is home to many an intrepid creative. I am inclined to think this due in part to our incredibly long winters, as the hibernating conditions here are prefect fodder for hunkering down to W O R K.And so, a clothing line is designed, a blog is penned, a record is released, or spoons are carved. In the case of modern furniture designer and maker Marvin Freitas; furniture is built.

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Shop: Mille

The Mille studio was the location for this April workshop, and the space adheres to mostKinfolk aesthetic stipulations, it being both understated, unassuming, and superbly, simplistically styled.

Owner Michelle LeBlanc is a self-described  'Army Brat' who moved around a lot before spending most of her formative years in Austin. Minnesota folk tend to settle here and stay, sometimes resulting in a slightly sleepy retail scene.  A shop-owner with an upbringing as exotic as, say, Texas is a welcome respite. Heidi Merrick anoraks, bags from Forestbound and Mansur Gavriel totes, wood thickets from Cheeriup and  pastel-colored ankle boots from Dieppa Restrepo -- everyone who enters wants to move in.

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