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2019 Planner Lineup

Writing down the details of your life is one of the most restorative, meditative, and clarifying habits one can adopt. It helps you hold on to good memories, keep track of your personal wins, reflect on your life, and dream about the future. As a personal development tool, there’s nothing better than a diary. Other than perhaps going to a therapist or having a good solid group of close friends to gab with, it’s the best tool for sharing and examining your feelings and your life.

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Six Benefits to Keeping a Work Diary

Many people may have a personal journal, diary, or calendar that they keep and update regularly. But whether or not you're a seasoned or a beginner diarist, we could all benefit from keeping a separate and defined journal for work. As an avid writer, journaler, and person who likes to Write. Everything. Down. I feel uniquely qualified to share with you the ways I have used a separate work journal to be more successful and happy in my workplace, so that’s what I'll talk about in this first installment article. Next week, in a separate post, I'll be sharing specific strategies on how you can actually implement and keep this new habit.

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