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WEAR: The Mission Handkerchief From Finisterre

If you're an enthusiast of good design, amazing art direction, ethical clothing consumption, or any combination of the above, you should really be paying attention to Finisterre. Combining kick-ass marketing collateral with an inspiring message and fantastic sport-fueled design, this UK-based brand offers up an immaculate collection of outdoor gear every season.

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GEAR: Finisterre and spring jumpers

I know we're all thinking about spring and summer and lightweight frocks and gauzy caftans right now, but I'm actually pinching my pennies for Finisterre's next fall winter line. If this winter from hell was a harbinger of our new climate-change reality, well, I'm not going to be caught with my pants down the next time our mercury dips far, far below zero.

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Finisterre: How A Cold Water Surf Brand Became the UK’s Greatest Innovator in Design + Sustainability

Monocle has forthrightly dubbed Finisterre as ‘The Perfect Brand’ and GQ has proclaimed their Anabatic shell as one of the one hundred best things in the world.  In addition to design, the company has been applauded for their initiatives around sustainability, with their efforts winning them both the Volvo European Sport Award For Eco Design as well as the Observer Ethical Business Award.

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