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READ & WRITE: Essential Blogging Tips

Blogging is hard work but it's rewarding work. When I get to a place where I am writing freely, where I am able to post when I want about what I want, when I feel organized, when my correspondence is up to date -- that is when my content is ticking. And that's when relationships are built. That's when new opportunities knock on my door. And it's when I feel most personally fulfilled and inspired. I want you to have that feeling too. So here goes. My Essential Blogging Tips

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DENIM DIARIES: white denim

Les jeans en blanches -- their existence has accrued a shoddy reputation as being both passé and uncouth. Especially here in the midwest, where, perhaps du to the ever-annual accrual of winter weight, we shy away from confidently donning twiggy white trousers. However,  results are usually very good and non-Piggly -Wiggly when paired with crisp silhouettes and little else.

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