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VIBES: Remsy Music

"With a Johnny Cash guitar-strum shuffle and breathy vocals that sound as though they could have been sung through a tunnel, Remsy's first single 'Lucky Two' is nothing if not entirely promising. Her dreamy, throwback melody gets some moody texture from exemplary sound mixing, accomplished here by Grammy-award winning sound engineer Jeff Lipton.  There's the contemporary lyricism of love lost yet not forgotten. A lively, bright guitar riff at the bridge. And finally a staccato sort of hand clap or gun shot that punctuates throughout, like the slash of a cracked whip or a winding lasso as it cuts through the sky."

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VENTURES: Flat Track of Austin, TX

The duo behind Flat Track began their venture modestly, but it's certainly grown in both klout and community steadily sense first days of inception. When you get yourself to Austin Town next, seek out East Cesar Chavez street and be sure to take pause at this idyllic watering hole. I'm a fan of the gumption, style, and passion exemplified therein.

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SHOP: Kyle Mueller of Austin's Sam Hill

While Muller's understanding of the apparel industry was growing in time with his appreciation for authentic Americana, it was meeting his then-girlfriend, now wife, who at the time worked for the RRL vintage archives, when Muller realized that a shop of his own -- filled with perfecto jackets, world war II bombers, and nubby 50’s crewneck sweaters --  was what he truly wanted. The duo, once wed, moved back to Austin. Muller took various graphic design work while continuing to fan his shopkeep flames in secret, planning and waiting until the day he could open a store of his own, Sam Hill began as a traveling pop-up, with stints at Helm Boots. The Sam Hill brick and mortar at 1710 E. 2nd Street opened two months ago.

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