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Artist Feature: Cait Courneya

Cait Courneya is an illustrator, painter, and surface designer living and working in Minneapolis, MN. She is soon to launch her Fall 2018 collection of new products, prints, and textiles and I can’t wait to see what kind of dreamy goodness she shares next. Read a little more about Cait and drool over her work in this blog post.

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SHOP: The Wrong Store

I was making my way from Alpine to El Paso and needed a diversion before a long and meditative drive along I-90 through mesquite scrub. This is when I stopped by a church on sleepy West Dallas Street. It's monastic profile was almost entirely obfuscated by clusters of prickly pear cacti and statuesque blue agave. A five-foot tall neon horse shoe stood sentry not far from the entrance. Part bordertown iglesia and tourist trading post, the church belongs to artists Buck Johnston and Camp Bosworth. The two relocated to Marfa on a whim, purchased the abandoned place of worship, and have since turned it into their private residence, studio space, and storefront.

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AVEC L'HOMME: sam larson of steel bison

Sam Larson is the accomplished creative behind Steel Bison. Everything Sam does for his explosively internet-famous line of Western ephemera possesses a strong visual identity that marks his work as decidedly his own. The visual language is dialed-in and on-point simply because Sam knows himself, what he likes, what inspires him, and acts accordingly. 

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