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MUSE: Rita Nebraska in 'Little Fauss and Big Halsy'

While Little Fauss and Big Halsy (1970) remains utterly un-memorable in both plot and story arc, the denim-heavy wardrobe sported by it's stars has managed to worm a very rutty path in the dusty highways of my heart.

Halsy Knox (Redford) and Little Fauss (Pollard) are competing motorcycle racers who meet wealthy east-coast runaway and recovering drug-addict Rita Nebraska (Hutton) outside the Phoenix racetrack one scorching Saturday morning.  Nebraska's mussy, windswept tomboy style and 'little girl lost' story capture the attention of both men, but it is Little Fauss who is most taken with her dazed and confused story of denim-clad distress.

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LAND: Sacred Arizona

To anyone who has felt in person the redeeming and baptismal qualities of our beautiful deserts, to those for whom the history and well-being of our native peoples is worth respecting and honoring, and to those for whom the state of Arizona, Tonto National Forest, and the achingly beautiful landscapes of our American Southwest hold special acclaim and innate importance  -- please -- sign your name and stop Apache land grab at the hands of foreign mining company Resolution Copper.

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