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VIBES: The Dezurik Sisters; MN Farm Girls Turned Opry Stars

In music as in design there is always a trend — either towards something or away from something. And these trends usually relate to the collective yearnings of the time. In the thirties and forties, country music was still very much tied to an agrarian way of life, not the mealy and over-processed cannon of backroads, girls, and tailgates that it is now. Perhaps this trend towards yodeling — seen in the vocal stylings of country music acts of the thirties such as Patsy Montana, the Dezuriks, and Roy Acuff — was really more of a sense of nostalgia, for farm families and a way of life in which any and all members of a family knew to play an instrument, a la Merle Haggard’s ballad of a big, poor, southern family, Daddy Frank (The Guitar Man)

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