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GO: New Mexico's Turquoise Trail

I am always searching for more destinations that I would do well to add to my never-ending travel bucket list, and Medium has proven a useful road-trip research tool as well as a fantastic lazy afternoon time-suck. This essay about New Mexico's Turquoise Trail comes to mind, as well as this piece about driving from San Francisco to Santa Cruz on State Highway 35.

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MUSES: Georgia O'Keeffe

Perhaps her minimalism seemed oppressive to others -- a self-imposed denial of aesthetic pleasures and modern comforts. But adornment and addition for their own sake are what seemed oppressive to O’Keeffe. She was a master editor - lover of the barren, raw, wild, and wind-swept. Keeper of all things callous, coarse, fibrous, and unfinished. To separate the wheat from the chaff -- this is where she excelled. Great work is marked by simplicity.

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