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CRAFT: Denim Rag Rugs, Blue Jeans, and American Handicraft

It is the very human need for textiles that makes them such compelling pieces of art. Most always pieces like Jay's indigo fabrics and my mothers woolen hooked rugs are incredibly time-intensive and crazy-laborious to create. Once finished, they are beautiful, as it's almost as if a bit of the other person's soul is captured in the custom piece you now hold in your hands.

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DENIM: Levi's Authorized Vintage

As the trend for embroidered embellishment and vintage patina in the denim industry continues, the collection consists of cherry-picked  iconic styles from the company's archive that have been lovingly repaired to vintage perfection.

Partnering with LA-based design and denim think-tank Lot Stock and Barrel, the collection includes bespoke cut-offs, tapered 501's, and Orange Tab 517's in addition to more iconic styles like the 505 and the 1970's Type II Trucker Jacket.

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VIBES: The Small Faces

Formed in East London circa '65, The Small Faces were a seminal English mod-rock band that created pioneering sounds for four short but explosive years. For their very first and extremely raucous 1965 single 'Whatchya Gonna Do About It,' band members Steve Marriot, Ronnie Lane, Kenny Jones, and Jim Winston borrowed heavily from seminal American soul and R&B artists like Otis Redding and Bobby Bland. The group's unique blend of soul-based guitar riffs coupled with call-and-response choruses garnered them immediate attention within the London mod-rock scene.

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GEAR: Levi's Commuter Fall 2015 Collection

After six seasons of developing cycling product strictly for men, Spring 2015 saw the first capsule collection of Commuter product designed specifically for gals. This fall, the line for women has since expanded. Not only are the woven button-up workshirts both more bike-friendly and exceedingly feminine, but the collection now includes stand-out items like a wool trucker jacket blended with techinical fleece as well as a handsome waxed cotton parka with reflective 3M details.

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WEEKENDS: morning inspiration

The best solution is the counter-intuitive one.  When the work feels hard -- do more, without complaint. When I'm really uninspired is when it' s best for me to immerse myself in the work of another -- preferably someone of esteem and character.Subconsciously I’ll ask myself how they reached such an impressive apex of accomplishment, and subconsciously, I’ll answer -- through their own hard work.

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DENIM DIARIES: DAY 18 - Pecos boots and Long Johns

When the Red Wing Pecos boot was introduced in 1953 it was the first to combine traditional western styling in a super tough work boot.  I'm sure those ranchers, farmers, and oil rig workers reached for their 8188's in the mornings for the same reasons that I do. A convenient and quick pull-on is perfect for waking up on winter mornings.

The sartorial equation of pecos + long johns + a hudson bay coat is so foolproof it should be  an algorithmic rule. This outfit is especially well-suited to December in Minnesota, when everything seems to occur very early and is always very urgent.  Picking up relatives at the crack of dawn, moving the car to the other side of the street because the plow is coming, running to the store before they close because we all ran out of cranberry sauce at the 11th hour....

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I opened drawers and there they were. Went to the basement and there were dirty pairs waiting to be washed. At the foot of my bed they were there on the floor, turned inside out. Sensing the emergence of a pattern, I began a casual count of every pair of jeans I owned.  It started out of curiosity, but when I reached the final number I was horrified. I had counted ninety-six pairs of denim blue jeans in my possession.

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VENTURES: rth + onetrippass + arcosanti

The American Southwest has been, and always will be, the place where our best painters, makers, and other off-the-grid types congregate to do their freaky thing under the big blue sky.  The open space, the dry heat, the sculptural plant life, the spartan surroundings- it lends itself well to the expansiveness of thought and the solitude of being that will always lead to the creation of  goodthings. 

I first found the work of Rene T Holguin from working on visuals at Levi's. Inside our prop room we had the most amazing moccasins, leather-feather necklaces, hand-beaded kilt pins, funny bolo ties and kiltie boot swag.  Each small item, be it a necklace made of leather rope and hand-cut flowers or an elaborate head wrap possessed a sense of both high-style, humor, and american craft that caught my eye and never left.

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