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MUSES: Kate Worum

A graduate of Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Kate works for Target in trend research and development by day, and her side hustle is comprised of a steady stream of freelance illustration work by night. Kate’s personal projects are where her flippant and freewheelin’ sense of humor really come out to play – (um, hello boob-print wallpaper) and every piece she creates never fails to put a smile on my face or a spring in my step. A breath of fresh air, this one.

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GEAR: woolrich footwear for AW14

"Expressing sentiments of intangible Americana alongside a timeless sense of style, the Woolrich footwear collection is indicative of the brand’s storied history without relying on design gimmicks of the ‘heritage’ variety."

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AVEC L'HOMME: sam larson of steel bison

Sam Larson is the accomplished creative behind Steel Bison. Everything Sam does for his explosively internet-famous line of Western ephemera possesses a strong visual identity that marks his work as decidedly his own. The visual language is dialed-in and on-point simply because Sam knows himself, what he likes, what inspires him, and acts accordingly. 

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CRAFT: scout by two

Bookended between the sartorial dictations of urban Brooklyn and rural Alabama, where each now reside, their line of accessories launched last year is built upon tenants of practicality and ease of use. The result is something equally at home in both the Shoals and the streets of Greenpoint.

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VENTURES: bonfirebeachkids + hannahmas

John Moore is a designer at the helm of Pencil on Paper Studio. Here he and his team run a fully-rigged , full service set of marketing, branding, and concept design operations for an impressive roster of corporate clients such as Kenneth Cole, Le Tigre, and Hudson's Bay Company. The POP studio brand Penny Stock (see also Pretty Penny Stock, pour les filles)  has a great aesthetic and superlative price points.

However, it's the POP-founded surfwear line, M.Nii, that is truly fantastic. Inspired by 50's post-war surf culture and the coasts of Oahu Hawaii; M.Nii has a humorous sophistication and simplicity that lends itself well to soulful surfers, bo-bo beachniks, and their pastimes of choice.

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VENTURES: rth + onetrippass + arcosanti

The American Southwest has been, and always will be, the place where our best painters, makers, and other off-the-grid types congregate to do their freaky thing under the big blue sky.  The open space, the dry heat, the sculptural plant life, the spartan surroundings- it lends itself well to the expansiveness of thought and the solitude of being that will always lead to the creation of  goodthings. 

I first found the work of Rene T Holguin from working on visuals at Levi's. Inside our prop room we had the most amazing moccasins, leather-feather necklaces, hand-beaded kilt pins, funny bolo ties and kiltie boot swag.  Each small item, be it a necklace made of leather rope and hand-cut flowers or an elaborate head wrap possessed a sense of both high-style, humor, and american craft that caught my eye and never left.

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