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DENIM: Levi's Authorized Vintage

As the trend for embroidered embellishment and vintage patina in the denim industry continues, the collection consists of cherry-picked  iconic styles from the company's archive that have been lovingly repaired to vintage perfection.

Partnering with LA-based design and denim think-tank Lot Stock and Barrel, the collection includes bespoke cut-offs, tapered 501's, and Orange Tab 517's in addition to more iconic styles like the 505 and the 1970's Type II Trucker Jacket.

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VIBES: Remsy Music

"With a Johnny Cash guitar-strum shuffle and breathy vocals that sound as though they could have been sung through a tunnel, Remsy's first single 'Lucky Two' is nothing if not entirely promising. Her dreamy, throwback melody gets some moody texture from exemplary sound mixing, accomplished here by Grammy-award winning sound engineer Jeff Lipton.  There's the contemporary lyricism of love lost yet not forgotten. A lively, bright guitar riff at the bridge. And finally a staccato sort of hand clap or gun shot that punctuates throughout, like the slash of a cracked whip or a winding lasso as it cuts through the sky."

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Here in San Francisco -- then the commercial epicenter of the California gold rush -- Levi ran a successful business importing and selling linens, combs, handkerchiefs, and other ephemera to the people of San Francisco. However, it was not until 1873, at the age of 47, when Levi patented his riveted dungarees with the help of a Reno-based tailor, Jacob Davis. The addition of rivets to stress points on the pants quickly established the Levi Strauss brand of dungarees as the premier choice for miners, workers, and men of the west.

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To all who doubt the manly appeal of  jeans on jeans on jeans, allow me to wax poetic on the sartorial choices of Mr. Bing Crosby.

Before Paul Newman donned the chambray chore coat as prisoner in Cool Hand Luke, before Marlon Brando's pants in On the Waterfront and The Wild One made girls weak in the knees, before Brooke Shields made Calvins seem cool and boys feel hot under the collar, before the onslaught of designer denim with bejeweled back pockets, before the cult of japanese selvedge and blogs dedicated to Friday Fades -- in essence, before jeans could be worn anytime, anywhere --  Bing sure tried.

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I opened drawers and there they were. Went to the basement and there were dirty pairs waiting to be washed. At the foot of my bed they were there on the floor, turned inside out. Sensing the emergence of a pattern, I began a casual count of every pair of jeans I owned.  It started out of curiosity, but when I reached the final number I was horrified. I had counted ninety-six pairs of denim blue jeans in my possession.

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DENIM DIARIES: white denim

Les jeans en blanches -- their existence has accrued a shoddy reputation as being both passé and uncouth. Especially here in the midwest, where, perhaps du to the ever-annual accrual of winter weight, we shy away from confidently donning twiggy white trousers. However,  results are usually very good and non-Piggly -Wiggly when paired with crisp silhouettes and little else.

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