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CRAFT: Black & White - Twelve Quilts

I love the intersection of heritage craft and contemporary design, for nothing wonderful is ever wholly new. It's always a combination of influences and ideas. Whether these disparate ideas are taken from different cultures, periods of time, or methods of construction new thoughts combined with old-school techniques (or vice versa) is always compelling and so very beautiful.

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Garza Marfa Furniture: How A Husband + Wife Design Duo Craft a Life Of Their Own in West Texas

Enveloped in the endless space of Presidio county, with it’s boundless sightline of grassy scrub and heaven-scraping Sotol plants, lies the studio of Jamey Garza and Constance Holt-Garza. The couple launched their line of modern furniture in 2012, during a debut show at San Francisco’s Heath Ceramics titled ‘Marfa Amigos.’ Shortly thereafter photos of the pair’s oval chairs and exquisite pillows made from Bolivian frazadas began populating both my blogroll and my daydreams. I made a photo of their saddle leather chair my desktop screensaver, and taped images of Garza Marfa’s unique and zen-like Southwestern silhouettes to my refrigerator. I fell in love with the minimalistic, high-desert design language of their pieces -- so distinctly expressive of the arid and expansive landscapes I love.

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GEAR: the Winter Session Day Bag

My modus operandi when it comes to the internal organization of my purse is more or less; "fling it in there and fuh'geddaboutit." This carelessness makes me feel pretty good for awhile, as most lazy things do. That is; until someone asks me for a pen.

Suddenly my inability to uphold any sort of internal organization system is made apparent. We will find the pen.  But only after both myself and my partner have been made privy to the disgraceful assemblage of personal belongings I have been mindlessly toting around all week. It is an intimate moment both weirdly illuminating and subtly shaming.

After nine months of near exclusive use, I am pleased to report that not once has this sort of unfortunate public embarrassment occurred since devoting myself entirely to the Winter Session Day Bag.

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CRAFT: marvin freitas

Minnesota is home to many an intrepid creative. I am inclined to think this due in part to our incredibly long winters, as the hibernating conditions here are prefect fodder for hunkering down to W O R K.And so, a clothing line is designed, a blog is penned, a record is released, or spoons are carved. In the case of modern furniture designer and maker Marvin Freitas; furniture is built.

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CRAFT: busk + bask

Adam and Danise Nance are the married makers behind Busk and Bask, a minimalistic design studio located in southern Nevada. Here, just outside of Las Vegas, the two spend their days crafting veg-tanned leather goods inspired by their love of the west and their home near the Mojave Desert.

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CRAFT: scout by two

Bookended between the sartorial dictations of urban Brooklyn and rural Alabama, where each now reside, their line of accessories launched last year is built upon tenants of practicality and ease of use. The result is something equally at home in both the Shoals and the streets of Greenpoint.

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VENTURES: rth + onetrippass + arcosanti

The American Southwest has been, and always will be, the place where our best painters, makers, and other off-the-grid types congregate to do their freaky thing under the big blue sky.  The open space, the dry heat, the sculptural plant life, the spartan surroundings- it lends itself well to the expansiveness of thought and the solitude of being that will always lead to the creation of  goodthings. 

I first found the work of Rene T Holguin from working on visuals at Levi's. Inside our prop room we had the most amazing moccasins, leather-feather necklaces, hand-beaded kilt pins, funny bolo ties and kiltie boot swag.  Each small item, be it a necklace made of leather rope and hand-cut flowers or an elaborate head wrap possessed a sense of both high-style, humor, and american craft that caught my eye and never left.

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WEEKENDS: The Best Pinterest Board

Are you into images of Georgia O'Keefe's spartan studio, the work of Isamo Noguchi, the BillyKirk boys, or Cy Twombly murals?Yup, yup, and yup should be your answer. Found this inspiring board today. Full of pretty japanese basket weavers, tool benches organized neatly, dirty hands, and a video of my favorite iPhonographer, Kevin Russ.  Best enjoyed after a day at the office.

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