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VIBES: Remsy Music

"With a Johnny Cash guitar-strum shuffle and breathy vocals that sound as though they could have been sung through a tunnel, Remsy's first single 'Lucky Two' is nothing if not entirely promising. Her dreamy, throwback melody gets some moody texture from exemplary sound mixing, accomplished here by Grammy-award winning sound engineer Jeff Lipton.  There's the contemporary lyricism of love lost yet not forgotten. A lively, bright guitar riff at the bridge. And finally a staccato sort of hand clap or gun shot that punctuates throughout, like the slash of a cracked whip or a winding lasso as it cuts through the sky."

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VIBES: The Dezurik Sisters; MN Farm Girls Turned Opry Stars

In music as in design there is always a trend — either towards something or away from something. And these trends usually relate to the collective yearnings of the time. In the thirties and forties, country music was still very much tied to an agrarian way of life, not the mealy and over-processed cannon of backroads, girls, and tailgates that it is now. Perhaps this trend towards yodeling — seen in the vocal stylings of country music acts of the thirties such as Patsy Montana, the Dezuriks, and Roy Acuff — was really more of a sense of nostalgia, for farm families and a way of life in which any and all members of a family knew to play an instrument, a la Merle Haggard’s ballad of a big, poor, southern family, Daddy Frank (The Guitar Man)

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SHOP: Midnorth Mercantile

Midnorth Mercantile, Mike's vintage shop and barber parlor was, quite frankly, my favorite place ever, and I made an effort to stop in frequently. Boasting an impressive collection of Schott perfecto jackets, saddle blankets, worn-in Wranglers, Gokey's boots, Mexican serapes and Woolrich 1970's  ski vests -- there was nothing for women, only racks and piles of my favorite thing -  RRL archive-worthy vintage menswear. Sometimes picking up a Dobbs wide-brimmed fedora, or a Pendleton flannel, or a perfectly tatty olive drab army jacket, I always found whatever I needed along with a hefty helping of  inspiration and conversation.

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SHOP: Kyle Mueller of Austin's Sam Hill

While Muller's understanding of the apparel industry was growing in time with his appreciation for authentic Americana, it was meeting his then-girlfriend, now wife, who at the time worked for the RRL vintage archives, when Muller realized that a shop of his own -- filled with perfecto jackets, world war II bombers, and nubby 50’s crewneck sweaters --  was what he truly wanted. The duo, once wed, moved back to Austin. Muller took various graphic design work while continuing to fan his shopkeep flames in secret, planning and waiting until the day he could open a store of his own, Sam Hill began as a traveling pop-up, with stints at Helm Boots. The Sam Hill brick and mortar at 1710 E. 2nd Street opened two months ago.

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GO: The Images of Kevin Russ

This is an outrage -- and by outrage I mean outrageously fantastic. Please begin following the Traveling Wilbury-like adventures of Kevin Russ. The Atlantic has dubbed him 'the Ansel Adams of iPhoneography' and although newspaper features writer-folk are apt to embellish; their pithy observation is a total truism. Follow him here and here; and support the upkeep of the car he is currently living out of by buying his prints.

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VENTURES: rth + onetrippass + arcosanti

The American Southwest has been, and always will be, the place where our best painters, makers, and other off-the-grid types congregate to do their freaky thing under the big blue sky.  The open space, the dry heat, the sculptural plant life, the spartan surroundings- it lends itself well to the expansiveness of thought and the solitude of being that will always lead to the creation of  goodthings. 

I first found the work of Rene T Holguin from working on visuals at Levi's. Inside our prop room we had the most amazing moccasins, leather-feather necklaces, hand-beaded kilt pins, funny bolo ties and kiltie boot swag.  Each small item, be it a necklace made of leather rope and hand-cut flowers or an elaborate head wrap possessed a sense of both high-style, humor, and american craft that caught my eye and never left.

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