ABODE: Indie Home Collective of New Zealand

In recent years, style from the land down under has found considerable footing stateside. Retailers and designers from Australia and New Zealand have been making a splash in both the apparel, home decor, and design space. From niche brands making all manner of beachy knit bikinis, to trendy housewares that offer up beautiful planters and luxe hemp bedding, the kiwi take on relaxed yet luxe organic living has me jonesing for a more relaxed and bohemian style myself.

Indie Home Collective, a modern housewares brand based out Auckland, New Zealand stands out in particular for their refined take on beachy minimalism. The equation for their sense of style is simple — white walls, natural textures, and lots of lush greenery coupled with an unfussy yet decidedly stylish way of pulling it all together. (Think abundant amounts of natural concrete, live-edge woods, hemp, fresh cottons in a palette of stone neutrals, and nubby natural woven rugs.) Their two stores — one in Newmarket; the other, in Ponsonby — are shrines to New Zealand’s signature aesthetic of organic and effortless bohemian style. Their flagship location in Newmarket offers both new and vintage furniture in an expansive and serene warehouse-sized space. In addition to their usual selection of housewares, the main shop stocks a carefully curated selection of customized pieces designed in-house by their talented designers. Both stores house a rotating array of international brands, as well as a lush and verdant greenhouse.

If you live stateside like myself and a pop into their store just isn’t quite possible, the Indie Home Collective online presence is as equally stunning as their in-store merchandising. A dive into the brand’s instagram feed offers up endless ways to be distracted during your workday, and perusing the online shop is like falling down of rabbit hole of tribal-inspired interior inspiration.

What Indie Home Collective manages to pull off so well is a perfect balance of electicism paired against a stark backdrop of serene minimalism. Carefully selected pieces and restrained aesthetics keep their casual style feeling elevated and oh-so calming. Be sure to follow Indie Home Collective on Instagram for a constant source of inspiration, and feel free to bookmark their online shop for those late-night Sangria-fueled shopping sprees. I sure have. And if you find yourself lucky enough to be in one of their beautiful vignettes, send me a postcard why don’t you?


* All photos courtesy of Indie Home Collective