CRAFT: Black & White - Twelve Quilts

I love the intersection of heritage craft and contemporary design, for nothing wonderful is ever wholly new. It's always a combination of influences and ideas. Whether these disparate ideas are taken from different cultures, periods of time, or methods of construction new thoughts combined with old-school techniques (or vice versa) is always compelling and so very beautiful.

And so -- if you find yourself in New York this weekend, may I suggest this real humdinger of an art show? Black & White: Twelve Quilts will be on display this Thursday May 12th through the 15th and looks wholly inspiring. 

The show, located at 40 Ludlow Street in Manhattan's Lower East Side celebrates the craft of quilting with the work of a dozen textile artists from around the United States and Canada. The artists were unified by the theme of black and white, and these visual constraints create a level of unity that affords the viewer a real opportunity to appreciate the various techniques, designs, and influences each quilter uses in their own work. 

 Maura Ambrose of  Folk Fibers  photographed by  Dennis Burnett

Maura Ambrose of Folk Fibers photographed by Dennis Burnett

Stand-out artists include Maura Ambrose of Folk Fibers, whose hand-dyed fabrics and traditional shashiko stitching blend an appreciation of Japanese craft with the influence of her Texas roots.  And artist Coulter Fussell of YaloRun Textiles creates quilts that are evocative of her life growing up in the deep south. Combining various bits of fabric with imperfect edges into compositions that are unbalanced yet unified, her quilts speak to the values and lifestyle of growing up in an isolated mountain town where people make do with what they have. I particularly love how Coulter's aesthetic evokes both Japanese boro and the mended fabrics of the rural south. With all the artists whose work will be on display, it is the texture of the handmade mixed with the precise handiwork of true craft that make each piece humbly stunning. 

 The work of Mississippi textile artist Coulter Fussell. 

The work of Mississippi textile artist Coulter Fussell. 

It looks to be a wonderful showcase of new thoughts in quilting and textile arts. If you can, stop by and show these quilters some love.  I wish I could peep it myself