VENTURES: Sam Huff & Meghan Wright Talk Money, Marriage, and Making it Work

  Money -- and it's accompanying psycological counterparts -- choice, security, independence,  autonomy -- are deeply at play in all parts of our life. And all parts certainly include the center of our most intimate relationships. Sam Huff and Meghan Wright are husband, wife, and business partners. Wrapping arms around the needs of both their companies -- Tanner Goods and Mazama Wares respectively -- while also making marriage (and money) work is certainly no small feat.

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VENTURES: Flat Track of Austin, TX

The duo behind Flat Track began their venture modestly, but it's certainly grown in both klout and community steadily sense first days of inception. When you get yourself to Austin Town next, seek out East Cesar Chavez street and be sure to take pause at this idyllic watering hole. I'm a fan of the gumption, style, and passion exemplified therein.

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Finisterre: How A Cold Water Surf Brand Became the UK’s Greatest Innovator in Design + Sustainability

Monocle has forthrightly dubbed Finisterre as ‘The Perfect Brand’ and GQ has proclaimed their Anabatic shell as one of the one hundred best things in the world.  In addition to design, the company has been applauded for their initiatives around sustainability, with their efforts winning them both the Volvo European Sport Award For Eco Design as well as the Observer Ethical Business Award.

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VENTURES: bonfirebeachkids + hannahmas

John Moore is a designer at the helm of Pencil on Paper Studio. Here he and his team run a fully-rigged , full service set of marketing, branding, and concept design operations for an impressive roster of corporate clients such as Kenneth Cole, Le Tigre, and Hudson's Bay Company. The POP studio brand Penny Stock (see also Pretty Penny Stock, pour les filles)  has a great aesthetic and superlative price points.

However, it's the POP-founded surfwear line, M.Nii, that is truly fantastic. Inspired by 50's post-war surf culture and the coasts of Oahu Hawaii; M.Nii has a humorous sophistication and simplicity that lends itself well to soulful surfers, bo-bo beachniks, and their pastimes of choice.

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VENTURES: rth + onetrippass + arcosanti

The American Southwest has been, and always will be, the place where our best painters, makers, and other off-the-grid types congregate to do their freaky thing under the big blue sky.  The open space, the dry heat, the sculptural plant life, the spartan surroundings- it lends itself well to the expansiveness of thought and the solitude of being that will always lead to the creation of  goodthings. 

I first found the work of Rene T Holguin from working on visuals at Levi's. Inside our prop room we had the most amazing moccasins, leather-feather necklaces, hand-beaded kilt pins, funny bolo ties and kiltie boot swag.  Each small item, be it a necklace made of leather rope and hand-cut flowers or an elaborate head wrap possessed a sense of both high-style, humor, and american craft that caught my eye and never left.

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