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GO: New Mexico's Turquoise Trail

I am always searching for more destinations that I would do well to add to my never-ending travel bucket list, and Medium has proven a useful road-trip research tool as well as a fantastic lazy afternoon time-suck. This essay about New Mexico's Turquoise Trail comes to mind, as well as this piece about driving from San Francisco to Santa Cruz on State Highway 35.

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GO: Belle Fourche

Last fall found me in Belle Fourche with Venice-based production company Farm League. Although the other commercials we worked to shoot in both Wisconsin and Minnesota during the month of October placed us in  unexpectedly beautiful small town locales, the western leg of the job was perhaps the most cinematic and spartanly beautiful.

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LAND: Sacred Arizona

To anyone who has felt in person the redeeming and baptismal qualities of our beautiful deserts, to those for whom the history and well-being of our native peoples is worth respecting and honoring, and to those for whom the state of Arizona, Tonto National Forest, and the achingly beautiful landscapes of our American Southwest hold special acclaim and innate importance  -- please -- sign your name and stop Apache land grab at the hands of foreign mining company Resolution Copper.

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GO: Travel Writing from Texas to Tennessee

I like this comparison of photography to pointing, and think the same pointing comparison can be made with the act of writing. A novice writer, a joke photographer — I don’t ever try to evoke anything with a photo I take or a note I write. The process is much more egoless. Something IS and because something IS it is IMPORTANT and therefore, an attempt to document must be made - however silly or juvenile the result. The young photographer or fake writer, a novice to both mediums, should aim merely to act as a conduit. A pointer and sharer of uniquely human stories — be they either visual or written.

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GO: 3 Weeks and Counting

Driving south from El Paso on Wednesday in the afternoon, down highway I-10 and finally onto US-90, I'll set up camp for the first night at the Tumble-In  -- or perhaps at Apache Pines  -- still haven't decided my RV park of choice. All I know is both will offer a cold shower under the stars for fifteen dollars a night. Wednesday and Thursday will offer plenty of time to explore Marfa in the late afternoon and evening. (Hello Judd and Mystery Lights.) Thursday through Saturday will be spent at El Cosmico. Days will be busy, but solitary -- on my own taking photos, hiking, or just driving-- anywhere, really.

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GO: Lotuff Leather in Marfa, TX

First day of summer and I am already looking forward to it's end. Well, not really, but September looks good from this far-off vantage point. Trans-Pecos 2014 takes place this coming Spetember at Marfa's El Cosmico, a venerable cool-kid campsite for the groovy and free. With vistas to photograph, galleries to peep, and the Whites Sands National Monument to explore, this upcoming escape is one I'm anticipating with un-matched eagerness.

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I've got a vintage Pendleton Round-Up tshirt at home. It's red and holey. The main image is that of a cowboy on a bucking horse. What made me buy it wasn't the cowboy or the color, but what the shirt said below its screen printed scene of rugged daring-do.


This phrase has all the makings of a good personal motto. It is both memorable, actionable, and very true. Better to be first and do it sort of shoddy than fall behind to eat other people's crumbs and crusts.

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GO: Equipped for a Courageous Climb

We were on a walk. My friend, fifteen years my senior, and his dog, a huge mastiff, were out for a long lunch. Despite being jerked gruffly from shrub to shrub by the one-hundred-and-twenty-pound puppy,  we continued the conversation as best we could. I can't remember how we started talking about me being twenty-two, but we did.

"Where you're at later in life -- it all hinges on if you made courageous decisions during your mid twenties." He looked back at me. "Not far from where you are now. You seem like you're twenty-seven anyways. Just as good a time as any to gun for it. " He continued. "Don't play it too safe now -- taking a big risk, making a big change, cooking up some half-cocked plan and then deciding to run with it -- that's what'll propel you places."

He wasn't meaning to give me advice, but I'm glad  he did.

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GO: Now Here in Nowhere

A few weeks ago I visited a quilt shop, located in an old and refurbished train station. It was divided into many rooms, still echoey even filled with bolts of fabric. The large wooden desk, originally used to buy train tickets, housed large cutting mats and heavy silver scissors.  I walked outside, it was hot, and dry. Next to the quilt shop was a lonely state farm insurance office, and not far from there, a lumber mil. I took some photos, mucking about on the empty tracks. A man leaned out of his green pick-up truck and asked if I needed a ride somewhere.  I said no.  He drove away, still looking in his rearview mirror, and I returned inside again to the quiet and the cool of the shop where I bought some embroidery floss. For a long time, I kept the floss tucked away, until an image from an old seedbook sparked an idea.

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GO: The Images of Kevin Russ

This is an outrage -- and by outrage I mean outrageously fantastic. Please begin following the Traveling Wilbury-like adventures of Kevin Russ. The Atlantic has dubbed him 'the Ansel Adams of iPhoneography' and although newspaper features writer-folk are apt to embellish; their pithy observation is a total truism. Follow him here and here; and support the upkeep of the car he is currently living out of by buying his prints.

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