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WEAR: The Mission Handkerchief From Finisterre

If you're an enthusiast of good design, amazing art direction, ethical clothing consumption, or any combination of the above, you should really be paying attention to Finisterre. Combining kick-ass marketing collateral with an inspiring message and fantastic sport-fueled design, this UK-based brand offers up an immaculate collection of outdoor gear every season.

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GEAR: Fall Blanket Round-Up from Woolrich

the unavoidable fact of November in the upper Midwest -- and one that must be prepared for--  are the shorter days and darker nights. So cue the binge-television watching and weekend hibernating! And while brands like Woolrich got their start kitting people out for adventures out-of-doors rather than in, I think their latest round-up of Made-In-The-USA blankets makesuitable couch companionsindeed.

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GEAR: Crescioni

Handmade in Los Angeles, California, Crescioni pieces are designed to age and weather over time. Argentinian Vegetable-tanned leathers darken and soften with wear. Natural brass tarnishes after prolonged use. While the design is bold and minimal, there is something organic and casual about all of her designs that make Crescioni pieces super wearable and decidedly western.

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GEAR: Levi's Commuter Fall 2015 Collection

After six seasons of developing cycling product strictly for men, Spring 2015 saw the first capsule collection of Commuter product designed specifically for gals. This fall, the line for women has since expanded. Not only are the woven button-up workshirts both more bike-friendly and exceedingly feminine, but the collection now includes stand-out items like a wool trucker jacket blended with techinical fleece as well as a handsome waxed cotton parka with reflective 3M details.

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GEAR: Nipomo Blankets

Functional, simple, and joyful, Liz Clark's collection of blanket rolls, totes, and straw baskets are a celebration of culture caught at a crossroads. Raised near the border of Mexico and California, Liz takes inspiration from  the colors of the coast, the history of Southern California, and the traditions of regional artisans for her collection of colorful basics.

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GEAR: Tanner Goods Women's Capsule Collection

My predilection for well-made, hearty classics is what initially drew me to Tanner Goods, a Portland-based company known for their veg-tanned leather wallets, hefty belts, and utilitarian totes. Every item is made lovingly by hand in their workshop; and due the company’s ethos of unmatched attention to detail and a strident commitment to superb quality, the handsomeness of their pieces can only improve over sustained use.

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GEAR: the Winter Session Day Bag

My modus operandi when it comes to the internal organization of my purse is more or less; "fling it in there and fuh'geddaboutit." This carelessness makes me feel pretty good for awhile, as most lazy things do. That is; until someone asks me for a pen.

Suddenly my inability to uphold any sort of internal organization system is made apparent. We will find the pen.  But only after both myself and my partner have been made privy to the disgraceful assemblage of personal belongings I have been mindlessly toting around all week. It is an intimate moment both weirdly illuminating and subtly shaming.

After nine months of near exclusive use, I am pleased to report that not once has this sort of unfortunate public embarrassment occurred since devoting myself entirely to the Winter Session Day Bag.

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GEAR: The Poler Stuff x Airblaster Ninja Suit

Can we talk about how genius the Poler Stuff x Airblaster Ninja Suit is? I don't know if it's the fabulous red color, the full-body silhouette that's somewhat elfin in flavor, or the reindeer-games worthy front chest patch but --everything about this item is screaming 'holiday at home' loungewear-worthy.

Designed for optimal performance while camping, cross-country skiiing, or -- I don't know -- snow-shoeing, the suit also looks equally rad when worn on Christmas morning while unwrapping gifts and stuffing ones face with Belgian waffles.

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GEAR: woolrich footwear for AW14

"Expressing sentiments of intangible Americana alongside a timeless sense of style, the Woolrich footwear collection is indicative of the brand’s storied history without relying on design gimmicks of the ‘heritage’ variety."

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GEAR: Finisterre and spring jumpers

I know we're all thinking about spring and summer and lightweight frocks and gauzy caftans right now, but I'm actually pinching my pennies for Finisterre's next fall winter line. If this winter from hell was a harbinger of our new climate-change reality, well, I'm not going to be caught with my pants down the next time our mercury dips far, far below zero.

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GEAR: woolrich white aw14

The inaugural lookbook for the one-hundred-and-eighty-four-year old brand's latest endeavor features a range of vests, pull-overs, jackets, and casual bottoms in trim cuts and bold colors. A nod to the brands early Pennsylvanian heritage is found in the women's blanket-stripe shawls, the buffalo-check coats, and the mackinaw-style jackets. However, a hefty dose of au-courant youthfulness is imbued with genius layering and sporty styling.

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