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GROOM: 'Timberline Trail' by Juniper Ridge

Juniper Ridge is an independent fragrance company that's been defying the formulaic approach to making fragrance since 1998.  In addition to being a fanatical group of perfumers, these guys are also naturalist experts, trail explorers, environmental stewards, kick-ass product developers, clever marketers, and just all-around rad dudes who know a thing or two about what makes a for a good fragrance as well as what makes for a good hike .

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GEAR: Levi's Commuter Fall 2015 Collection

After six seasons of developing cycling product strictly for men, Spring 2015 saw the first capsule collection of Commuter product designed specifically for gals. This fall, the line for women has since expanded. Not only are the woven button-up workshirts both more bike-friendly and exceedingly feminine, but the collection now includes stand-out items like a wool trucker jacket blended with techinical fleece as well as a handsome waxed cotton parka with reflective 3M details.

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IMBIBE: Blue Henn Craft Tonic + A New Take on the Gin Rickey

Officially launched not even three months ago, Blue Henn is the brainchild of Julia Brosz and Kari Madore, two gals who first met at the UofM while studying interior design. The two quickly bonded over their love of artisan cocktails and a shared passion for all manner of well-made ephemera. Crafted with care here in Minnesota, Blue Henn tonic syrup is made with pure cane sugar, aromatic lavender, and natural citrus oils. Rounded out with a sticky-sweet texture and an herbal, medicinal scent, the syrup's sap-like viscosity can be attributed to the use of naturally-harvested and slowly-steeped Cinchona bark. This slow and natural quinine-extraction process gives the tonic it's signature green-herbal taste that is nothing if not sophisticated.

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WEEKENDS: Springtime Saturday

Two weeks ago my neighborhood was a chilly hinterland of rusty trucks, piled-up snow, and ice-slicked roads. This weekend, however, it was beautiful --sixty-two and sunny with a slight breeze and patchy fog. I slept with the windows open, and in the afternoon padded around the creaky floorboards of my top-floor apartment in bare feet and a t-shirt, a summertime Shiner in hand. Saturdays -- the one day of the week that is unquestionably YOURS, unencumbered by the schedules and demands of others. 

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It is not surprising then that my favorite perfumes are handmade by a young couple who came to their craft honestly and unexpectedly.  David Seth Moltz and Kavi Moltz started their small-batch perfume company, DS & Durga; from their Brooklyn apartment. The sophistication of their scents is the same as those cooked up by the most veteran of perfumers. Between them, their vast and varied experiences make for a line that is all the more inventive and impressive.

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GEAR: The Poler Stuff x Airblaster Ninja Suit

Can we talk about how genius the Poler Stuff x Airblaster Ninja Suit is? I don't know if it's the fabulous red color, the full-body silhouette that's somewhat elfin in flavor, or the reindeer-games worthy front chest patch but --everything about this item is screaming 'holiday at home' loungewear-worthy.

Designed for optimal performance while camping, cross-country skiiing, or -- I don't know -- snow-shoeing, the suit also looks equally rad when worn on Christmas morning while unwrapping gifts and stuffing ones face with Belgian waffles.

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GO: 3 Weeks and Counting

Driving south from El Paso on Wednesday in the afternoon, down highway I-10 and finally onto US-90, I'll set up camp for the first night at the Tumble-In  -- or perhaps at Apache Pines  -- still haven't decided my RV park of choice. All I know is both will offer a cold shower under the stars for fifteen dollars a night. Wednesday and Thursday will offer plenty of time to explore Marfa in the late afternoon and evening. (Hello Judd and Mystery Lights.) Thursday through Saturday will be spent at El Cosmico. Days will be busy, but solitary -- on my own taking photos, hiking, or just driving-- anywhere, really.

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DAILY PRACTICE: happy by choice

When my dad would drop me off at school in the morning the last thing he said before I closed the door and he drove away was 'Now, Choose to make it a good day.'

it was the same mantra in grade school and middle school, it was the same in high school, it was the same when I would call home from college, and if he was around now he would be saying it to me still.

Dad was on to something. For as soon as I  even begin to think of his phrase, and the way his gap-toothed smile grinned at me from outside the passenger window, any lingering clouds of malaise begin to slowly dissipate. I don't need to try to be happy. Instead, happiness becomes a definitive choice. An intention that eventually grows into it's own expression.

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GROOM: briar winters of marble and milkweed

February is my month of self-care marked by excessive moisturization, so of course it is also the best month to feature Briar Rose Winters of Marble and Milkweed. ‘Disarmingly analog,’ her line of personally-blended, small-batch beauty products are integral to my top shelf this month.

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