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GEAR: Fall Blanket Round-Up from Woolrich

the unavoidable fact of November in the upper Midwest -- and one that must be prepared for--  are the shorter days and darker nights. So cue the binge-television watching and weekend hibernating! And while brands like Woolrich got their start kitting people out for adventures out-of-doors rather than in, I think their latest round-up of Made-In-The-USA blankets makesuitable couch companionsindeed.

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SHOP: the Foundry Home Goods 

For me, the Foundry Home Goods has been that very sort of special shop since opening in 2012. It is beautiful, yet simple. Accessible, yet aspirational. There is a distinct sort of compassion and care that emanates from the shop which cannot be ignored. There’s usually some sage burning and Ruby -- the requisite chocolate lab shop dog -- will be padding around the floorboards. A busy Saturday at the shop means Anna -- the owner -- will float down the stairs in an ethereal white dress and offer everyone inside a Popsicle --- or a beer. Or both. Depending on their age.

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GEAR: Nipomo Blankets

Functional, simple, and joyful, Liz Clark's collection of blanket rolls, totes, and straw baskets are a celebration of culture caught at a crossroads. Raised near the border of Mexico and California, Liz takes inspiration from  the colors of the coast, the history of Southern California, and the traditions of regional artisans for her collection of colorful basics.

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Garza Marfa Furniture: How A Husband + Wife Design Duo Craft a Life Of Their Own in West Texas

Enveloped in the endless space of Presidio county, with it’s boundless sightline of grassy scrub and heaven-scraping Sotol plants, lies the studio of Jamey Garza and Constance Holt-Garza. The couple launched their line of modern furniture in 2012, during a debut show at San Francisco’s Heath Ceramics titled ‘Marfa Amigos.’ Shortly thereafter photos of the pair’s oval chairs and exquisite pillows made from Bolivian frazadas began populating both my blogroll and my daydreams. I made a photo of their saddle leather chair my desktop screensaver, and taped images of Garza Marfa’s unique and zen-like Southwestern silhouettes to my refrigerator. I fell in love with the minimalistic, high-desert design language of their pieces -- so distinctly expressive of the arid and expansive landscapes I love.

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ABODE: At Home

I stumbled across a two-bedroom apartment in the north east corner of town early last month and shortly thereafter moved in -- crates of denim jackets in tow. There was good mojo in this building and I needed change in a big way.

This new neighborhood is a textured one. For being so close to downtown, it feels very removed, oftentimes otherworldly. I am reminded of the working-class vibe inherent in Nashvilles's Marathon Village and nearby Germantown and the 'get-er-done' vibe of rural Red Wing, MN

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MUSES: Georgia O'Keeffe

Perhaps her minimalism seemed oppressive to others -- a self-imposed denial of aesthetic pleasures and modern comforts. But adornment and addition for their own sake are what seemed oppressive to O’Keeffe. She was a master editor - lover of the barren, raw, wild, and wind-swept. Keeper of all things callous, coarse, fibrous, and unfinished. To separate the wheat from the chaff -- this is where she excelled. Great work is marked by simplicity.

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