June 2018: Currently


June 2018: Currently

The ideas and dreams I'm vibing on right now.

There's never a better time to refine your goals and dive back into your personal passions than summer. It's a great time to read all those books that have been on your list, try that new Kundalini yoga class,  or just dork out on things that interest you in general. Something about the longer hours of daylight energizes me, and even thought it's been a long time since grade school, I still can't shake that itch of wanting to make the long days as full and productive as possible. My parents tutored me well - avoid the dreaded "summer slide" and do something that moves your body and soul every day! 

June Currently

Reading: Judgement Detox: Release the Beliefs That Hold You Back from Living a Better Life by Gabby Bernstein; Molly Sutton and Agatha Raisin Murder Mysteries

Planning: My Summer!

Watching: 800 Words on Acorn TV

Eating: Radishes & Melon

Drinking: Lavender Kombucha, Lemon & Ginger Yogi Tea


Do more of what you love.

and choose to CREATE the time to do it.

Loving: Getting back into my nightly and weekly journaling game with daily reflections, writing prompts, and lots of blank space on the page to think and fill with thoughts. (I am using this gorgeous and spiritually-inspired planner + daily journal from Lucy Celebrates.)

Feeling: Ready to take on my goals for 2018. (I have my "18 for 2018" list, and I am motivated to get cracking on my two manuscripts and podcast idea even more. )

Listening: To "Alexa, play rain sounds." on my smart speaker at night before dozing off to sleep. This works particularly well on low sound, when there is also rain pattering on the window sills outside. A nice, textural, and soft wall of sound.

Celebrating: The official start of summer; the fact that I can wear sandals and dresses for the first time in what feels like ages; etc, etc. 

Excited For: Summer's opportunity to chase after whatever sets my soul on fire; more chances to go paddleboarding with my boyfriend on Lake of the Isles.  (We went out last weekend and it was so fun, plus my little noodle arms and hunched-over writer back definitely got a gentle work out!)

Practicing: Lovingkindness meditation for myself and everyone I can think of; being more present and dropping into my own body through daily meditation; being less judgmental (especially of myself.)

Wanting to Try: Ashwaganda; activated charcoal in my sparkling water (it's a thing, I read about it in Shape Magazine and now I can't stop wanting to try it); castor oil for eyelash growth; writing my own murder mystery manuscript. (Even if it's utter trash, something about my idea tells me it could be worth a try. Perhaps worth self-publishing on Amazon? Sometimes the projects you do just for shits and giggles become the most gratifying.)

Telling Myself:

"You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your body. love what it loves." - Mary Oliver, Wild Geese.