PIONEERS: a new category covering tech, social, and design

As many of you know, I'm super passionate about the world of social media marketing. Specifically, I'm most interested in the intersection of tech, communication, and design. When we can harness technology to fix problems, offer design solutions, and then market them in a truly global and immersive way, the results are nothing less than inspiring.

Every day I come across inspiring news in the world of tech, marketing, or social media that I feel is worthy of being written about , yet I have struggled with determining how that type of content fits with the Western Daughter brand.  I consider my blog an arbiter on all trends relating to a modern Western lifestyle, so figuring out how to write about tech and innovation here has in the past proven difficult.  Yet I knew that this blog definitely needed a content bucket and a specific editorial angle from which I could talk about this news that is changing our cultural landscape for the better.

The answer of how to incorporate this type of content came to me while reading about the California gold rush. (You know, just something that I, might be doing on a Friday night when my boyfriend is out of town.)  It was so interesting to learn about how this massive influx of rogue hopefuls into the state of California completely altered the social and cultural landscape of the west. This massive population of newly-transplanted laborers altered much more than the soil patterns of California--  collectively they created the boomtown of San Francisco, fostered innovation in both manufacturing and commerce, and even created huge social change; pushing ideas of equality and opportunity for groups that in other part of the country remained much more marginalized.

The spirit of innovation and fearlessness of those who moved West in the first place shares so much in common with the innovators of today.  Both camps of individuals were welcoming of change and dismissive of past traditions. Both were willing go against the grain and take major risks in the hopes of creating something better for themselves and for the future of their families. 

And so, it is with great excitement that will be publishing content under one of mynewest categories -- PIONEERS --  in the coming weeks. Here I will be profiling those whose innovative business models and disruptive use of social media and tech plant them firmly in the same camp as those who spent their time homesteading in the hinterlands when the western states were still a blank canvas of possibility.

There are so many pioneers out there-- brands and start-ups, influencers and content creators-- that are changing the game , and I'm so excited to begin covering these trends I've always loved keeping abreast of.
Stay tuned, and stay gold.

Photo Credit: Maison Palmeraie in Marrakech, Morocco photographed by
Richard Powers