DENIM: the Imogene

Today, Imogene and Willie re-released the original women's jean that first put their brand on the premium denim map back in 2009.

The Imogene is a straight-leg jean made out of rigid 13.5oz denim, woven by Cone Mills in Greensboro, North Carolina. The Imogene is a beautifully crafted jean with a classic rise and a timeless stove-pipe leg opening. And if at first you think that a rigid denim blue jean isn't quite your bag -- to that I say au contraire.

Screenshot 2016-05-17 20.47.49.png


In fact, when it comes to the integrity of the fit and the confidence boost one gets from something that is truly comfortable and well-made, --  I can promise that the Imogene delivers in all ways.

Worn true-to-size, the Imogene is both figure-flatting and super comfy. This is due in part to the ample curve that is cut through the seat and the premium fabric that instantly makes any gal feel powerful and strong.  With a slightly higher rise for added height, wide-set pockets to get that 'summer of love' rear view, and premium fabric that only gets more lovely the more it is lived in, the Imogene is a staple of both the brand and of my own closet for good reason. I'm so glad it’s back.