A Return 


What does one even say after a pause so long?How can one appropriately acknowledge the silence which has come to pass, and how does one ameliorate the awkwardness of once-abandoned work in order prove their dedication once again?

This blog has always been my place. Created out of the need for refuge and expression.When I started OLDR SISTR two years ago, I wrote everyday. Perhaps it was beginner's zeal. Wether I was feeling inspired or just plain-speak bored, I would sit down to my laptop -- every morning -- and bang something out. It was my space -- a haven where favorite things could be assembled and arranged -- usually in a pleasing fashion -- so as to bring order to my inner world, and to offer some sort of comfort.

The purpose of this post - my first in over two months--  is not to offer excuses. Excuses are usually varied and many, overly personal, and oftentimes boring. Certainly not appropriate material for a post. No, the purpose of this post was to offer a short explanation, and then to follow-up with a promise.

I do not make promises I cannot keep, and it is with this same moral fiber that I vow my consistency in once again posting everyday.  It is my experience that inspiration follows intent. So it will be as it was before. When I wrote everyday because I could, because I wanted to, and because I always had an idea that could be blown up into a short essay of four-hundred-and-seventy-five words.

Honest in it's perspective and free of aim -- I have missed OLDR SISTR, this space that was uniquely my own, full of life and all of the things I found beautiful within it. The wonderful thing about a blog is that it can appear fresh and new on one's screen everyday.  Never moving backwards; always forwards. Hello again! It feels good to return.