WEEKENDS: Ninja Suit x Poler Stuff Long Underwear

One day I'll move somewhere warm --  a place where long underwear are donned only during sport or whilst camping. This is something I believe in so strongly and with such fiery conviction that my dream of a small house in Texas with a 1959 Ford truck and mezcal shots taken on a cacti-encrusted patio has morphed from one of itchy premonition to full on fantasy.

Minnesota winters drive me indoors, and their long duration keeps me there. This leads to either intense frustration and self-loathing or prodigious creative output. I oscillate between the two poles of experience with what I hope is some semblance of grace.

Until the day I get in my Mercury and head out west; long underwear will continue to be a part of my wintertime wardrobe de rigeur.  Poler Stuff's partnership with Airblaster has resulted in a full body, thermally regulating suit I've been donning underneath my 501's nearly everyday since the first of November.

Thus far, the most adventurous action these bad boys have seen was one particularly bone-chilling breakfast burrito run; but you know what? Getting from point A to point B here is plenty winter sport for me.

There's something truly consciousness-expanding that can only occur when one sleeps alone under a big bright sky, swaddled in the regulating comfort that only protein-based animal fibers can bring. In May, when the ground has thawed enough for a tent to be pitched, camp vibes will once again reverberate through the piney hinterlands of the Upper Midwest. That's when I'll take the Ninja Suit out to where it belongs -- the great outdoors. We'll visit Itasca State Park and perhaps the craggy shores of Grand Marais. I'll dip my feet in the cool, clear water and sleep in the bed of my truck with the help of a clever tarp and some strategically placed blankets.

Until then, my merino unitard remains my lazy wintertime writer's uniform, for it is the one pair of underwear I can don with only a beanie and a thick pair of socks added to the mix and still be appropriately, (dare I say completely) dressed for a day spent piddling about the apartment.