LAND: Sacred Arizona


There are some things that just shouldn't happen. I'm rarely if ever on the soapbox, preferring instead to keep my opinions private and if asked to share; somewhat moderate, but the latest bit of legislation poised to pass congress had me crying tears of dejected sadness Tuesday afternoon.

The bill that had me so up-in-arms, (titled the 'Carl Levin and Howard P. 'Buck' McKeon National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2015' ) would place over 2,400 acres of Arizona National forest and sacred Apache lands into the hands of foreign mining company Resolution Copper.  The passover of this land, in addition to whittling away our already sparse collection of National Forests would also include the loss of sacred medicinal, burial, and ceremonial grounds of Arizona Apache tribes. 

To anyone who has felt in person the redeeming and baptismal qualities of our beautiful deserts, to those for whom the history and well-being of our native peoples is worth respecting and honoring, and to those for whom the state of Arizona, Tonto National Forest, and the achingly beautiful landscapes of our American Southwest hold special acclaim and innate importance  -- please -- sign your name and stop Apache land grab at the hands of foreign mining company Resolution Copper.

You can find the petition here. Every name counts, so tell your friends. If you can, please write to your local representative as well.