GEAR: The Poler Stuff x Airblaster Ninja Suit


Can we talk about how genius the Poler Stuff x Airblaster Ninja Suit is? I don't know if it's the fabulous red color, the full-body silhouette that's somewhat elfin in flavor, or the reindeer-games worthy front chest patch but --everything about this item is screaming 'holiday at home' loungewear-worthy.

Designed for optimal performance while camping, cross-country skiiing, or -- I don't know -- snow-shoeing, the suit also looks equally rad when worn on Christmas morning while unwrapping gifts and stuffing ones face with Belgian waffles.

Originally developed and tested in the Argentinan Andes, the Ninja Suit was designed to be a regulating second-skin for outdoor athletes training and playing in dynamic, ever-changing cold-weather environments. Wicking perspiration and regulating the body's core temperature, the suit also boasts premium four-way stretch merino and -- my favorite -- thumb loops.


all photos by foster huntington for poler stuff.