GEAR: Finisterre - A Passion for Product


My apartment in northeast Minneapolis with it's wood floors and drafty, rickety breezeway, is at it's best; charming in it's many antiquities. At worst, it is cold and drafty, prompting me to piddle around in a Carharrtt beanie with an old Pendleton swaddled cumbersomely around my shoulders for most of a Saturday afternoon. There are ways around this of course-- the purchase of a space heater, the turning up of a thermostat -- but I resolutely refuse to take any such action until we are well into December, for the eleventh month of the year is far too early to be kowtowing to winter so benevolently.

Last night, in preparation for the first snow of the season that I knew was coming, I went to the Home Depot and threw two-hundred-and-forty pounds of tube sand in my truck bed along with a new liter of de-icer and an ergonomic ice chip. Once home again --and of course it was cold and drafty inside -- I pulled on a pair of thick socks, put Emmylou Harris on the record player, made a hot toddy, swaddled my face in eucalyptus calendula cream and lit my pinecone beeswax candle. Jeans off, merino underwear on, hair up, and finally, a Finisterre cable-knit over everything. 

There's a certain collective culture and consciousness one buys into with the purchase of any well-made, beautiful product. Even more so if the product is made ethically, sustainably, kindly -- slowly. And so last night, even though I was very far away from Cornwall, I felt weirdly connected to my friends at Finisterre. To the sheep whose wool was sheared for my personal comfort, to the factory where the fibers were spun, and even to the design team who sat and sketched and coordinated the creation of something new and special.

The cold-water surf brand's 2014 winter range has landed and It is as lovely and inventive as ever. Each season the design team blends marine-inspired heritage silhouettes evocative of their location near Land's End with innovative, high-performance textiles and forward-thinking production practices.  This season is particularly special for Finisterre as it marks the release of an entire Bowmont knit collection. Woven with fibers from a rare flock of organically-sustained Bowmont sheep, the collection is a testament to clothing that is lovingly and laboriously crafted out of a true passion for exemplary product.

* Knit detail courtesy of Finisterre UK