GO: 3 Weeks and Counting


Trip to west Texas nears closer. Lightweight camping for five days straight in Presidio County. I've camped before -- many times in fact, but never by my absolute self. And never with such little gear.  I'm not worried. Merely anticipatory. Am still not old enough to rent most types of cars, for If I had my choice I'd be truck bed camping in a black Dodge Ram the whole time.  One-person pup-tenting with a Toyota Yaris and a poler stuff knapsack will do until I turn twenty-five I suppose.  Still still two years away.

Driving south from El Paso on Wednesday in the afternoon, down highway I-10 and finally onto US-90, I'll set up camp for the first night at the Tumble-In  -- or perhaps at Apache Pines  -- still haven't decided my RV park of choice. All I know is both will offer a cold shower under the stars for fifteen dollars a night. Wednesday and Thursday will offer plenty of time to explore Marfa in the late afternoon and evening. (Hello Judd and Mystery Lights.) Thursday through Saturday will be spent at El Cosmico. Days will be busy, but solitary -- on my own taking photos, hiking, or just driving-- anywhere, really.

A jaunt to Davis Mountains State Park is in order, as well as a visit to Terlingua's ghost down. I've been dying to see their crumbling church and desolate cemetery. Farther still is Big Bend. If I can explore both the Santa Elena Canyon, trails beneath the Chisos Mountains, and Lost Mine Trail in a day it will be an accomplished outing.

Sunday is the last full day of my visit. I'll pack out of Marfa in the late afternoon, and head north again to El Paso, arriving at Franklin Mountains State Park for a final night by myself surrounded by the craggy rock formations near of campground, waking up as the sun rises to catch my flight back to Minnesota.. I've heard there are Indian hieroglyphs to be found along with loads of good mojo near those mountains. Way better than the El Paso Super Eight and just as close to the airport.