WEAR: Springtime Samuji


Developing an eye for color and a nose for scent, a sensitivity to texture and an appreciation of light, a love of form, and an understanding of sensorial pleasures -- these are the truest tools that, if sharpened daily, lend themselves to creativity and contentment.

"get a life in which you notice  the smell of salt water pushing itself on a breeze over the dunes."

-Annna Quindlen A Short Guide to a Happy Life


samuji ss14

samuji ss14


Scent and color to me seem to me inextricably related, as I cannot smell without seeing colors. Closing my eyes to inhale, I may see a fresh bouquet of green-tipped wild hydrangea and leafy tulips, or perhaps presented with something lighter I see stalks of pure, diaphanous Baby's Breath. Another scent, this one of oud and moss, delivers images of mossy terrariums, topical ointments in silver tubes on porcelain sinks.


If you're looking for color palette inspiration of your own, perhaps to match a certain feeling or mood or, shall I say, sort of scent, I suggest Adobe's Kuler. It's an addictive and super-responsive color wheel that allows one to create an endless assortment of palettes with both ease and agility and minimal manipulation.


adobe kuler

Despite color's potent ability to create mood and feeling in a space, have noticed an alarming trend of late.

A trend of black and white and minimal all over has begun to permeate the design world. And while I am grateful for the serenity and balance such a trend provides, I am loath to adopt such a strident form of personal editing to my own wardrobe and personal space.

I like the order a restrictive palette brings, as it is both restorative and calming, and I do admit to covering my books in white paper so as to cut down on visual clutter. However, anything highly pre-meditated smacks of a desire for intense control. And uptight perfectionism is not very attractive. No, far better to have fun with color, to be flippant in one's sartorial choices. I would rather look a bit undone, like I was ready for a drink, a dance, and a laugh than some ice-queen pillar of minimalism.

Perhaps it is the very pre-meditated nature of this new type of minimalism that strikes me as off-putting. Far better to let one's personal space and closet evolve naturally,  as one allows their bangs or the grass on the front lawn to grow -- without pretense or worry.  And the more color involved, the better.

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black and white