READ: dated 4.4.14


Loving this little blog I found the other day. Bursting with images en plain air of wind-swept hair, cable knits, and  intimate family portraits, I am loving the organic sophistication of what is most definitely a striking mood board.

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1. A quick glance at this Parisian Apartment Full of Light and Pattern via Design* Sponge. (On a closer-to-home design bent, the 'at-home' images of Minneapolis-based collage artist and graphic designer Ashley Barlow's pad. 2. This photo is all you need to understand why Collete is as cool as Studio 54 was in it's heyday. 3. Quick study: How to Dress for Success via the ever-affable voice of 'Into the Gloss.' Highlight: 'never buy an acetate scarf.' 4. A perusal of  the new Love Aesthetics blog. A fresh voice in regards to European minimalism, Love Aesthetics has always been a favorite. It's been amazing to watch Ivanio Carpio grow her super pin-pointed aesthetic into something larger than an online style diary. 5. A quick and informative guide on how to upgrade one's wardrobe in 30 minutes a day by the super-stylish and supremely edited talent at Into Mind. Also of note: a quick explanation on why, some days, you simply have nothing to wear. 6. My 1056'th reason to go back to Nashville -- this new hip spot to stay. 7.. A conversation with Filson's CEO Alan Kirk about the brand's history and why they will never consider themselves a 'fashion' brand. 8.. Just for fun-- watching this adorable video from Italian fashion label Lazzzari. One of my favorite bloggers and illustrators Lauryn Greene collaborated with the brand on some Spring Summer 2014 and the sense of color and playfulness in the launch video is divine.