GEAR: Finisterre and spring jumpers


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The last of the cold weather seems to finally be lifting here in the north. However, the mornings remain damp and grey, the evenings crisp. Cold water surf-brand Finisterre, of whom I am very fond, (read more about them here) sent along some items earlier in the month and as such I have been living in the both of them ever since. March mornings in Minnesota are little more than melancholy at best!

I love the longer line of the Carne cable cardigan -- it feels substantial yet chic. Perfect for early morning walks after groggily making the first cup of coffee. Hand-warmer pockets allow me to leave my gloves behind, which I have taken to doing, merely out of principle because I refuse to wear gloves after daylight savings time has begun.

finisterre carne cable cardigan

finisterre carne cable cardigan

finisterre uk

I know we're all thinking about spring and summer and lightweight frocks and gauzy caftans right now, but I'm actually pinching my pennies for Finisterre's next fall winter line. If this winter from hell was a harbinger of our new climate-change reality, well, I'm not going to be caught with my pants down the next time our mercury dips far, far below zero.

From talking with their head of product design and development, fall winter 2014 sounds superb as Finisterre will continue to marry heritage knits and a traditional outdoorsmen's approach to adventure-driven apparel with their signature innovation in textile performance.

It's just the sort of outdoor apparel I like, as it is technical enough to offer extreme warmth with very little weight and bulk whilst remaining utterly classic, the perfect accompaniment to my Red Wing work oxfords and pecos boots.