WEAR: chanel shopping center


chanel shopping centerScreenshot 2014-03-13 12.07.43Screenshot 2014-03-13 12.05.54Screenshot 2014-03-13 12.05.40Screenshot 2014-03-13 12.06.04Screenshot 2014-03-13 12.07.24"at Chanel, you do not lose your chic -- you find it."

Last week the internet exploded, or at least my RSS feed did.  Chanel debuted their FW14 collection during Paris Fashion Week under the guise of a big-box shopping-center of massive proportions and I am sure that even the most poised of fashion editors and tastemakers lost their shit when Karl began his latest show.

Never since Andy Warhol's Brillo Boxes has an artistic commentary on crazed consumer culture been so well executed -- and on such an expansive scale.

For a great read about the show, head over to Garance Dore. photos : jak and jil