SHOP: Midnorth Mercantile


It wasn't too long ago when Mike Ader moved into a little space square in the center of Mineapolis' chic-ly shoddy North Loop. (This before luxury condos, bowl-based organic lunch places, and high-fallutin restuaruants began popping up on every gentrified corner.)  Midnorth Mercantile, Mike's vintage shop and barber parlor was, quite frankly, my favorite place ever, and I made an effort to stop in frequently. Boasting an impressive collection of Schott perfecto jackets, saddle blankets, worn-in Wranglers, Gokey's boots, Mexican serapes and Woolrich 1970's  ski vests -- there was nothing for women, only racks and piles of my favorite thing -  RRL archive-worthy vintage menswear. Sometimes picking up a Dobbs wide-brimmed fedora, or a Pendleton flannel, or a perfectly tatty olive drab army jacket, I always found whatever I needed along with a hefty helping of  inspiration and conversation.

Midnorth was the closest thing we had to Rosebowl- worthy vintage Americana here in the cities, and I was pretty bummed when Mike hauled his whole horse and pony show to the Windy City. I've got other sources to get my vintage fix, that's for sure, but they aren't nearly as fun or full of camaraderie as the relationships I built with Mike and his band of merry men who shared shopkeep duties. Be well Mike, I'm wishing you the best.


+photos: the fantastic eliesa johnson+