AVEC L'HOMME: sam larson of steel bison


Sam Larson is the accomplished creative behind Steel Bison. Everything Sam does for his explosively internet-famous line of Western ephemera possesses a strong visual identity that marks his work as decidedly his own. The visual language is dialed-in and on-point simply because Sam knows himself, what he likes, what inspires him, and acts accordingly. The result is a line that seems completely un-fussed and never over-thought yet consistently communicates with immediacy, clarity, and style. It's recognizable, fresh, and fun and I can't get enough.

I faxed over a worksheet to California one weekend and Sam happily indulged me. He is a great example of all the good things that can happen to a person when they choose to simply do good work and share it with others. I look forward to supporting him in every future endeavor.


NAME: Sam Larson AGE : 25 HOMETOWN: Brodhead, WI (it's tiny)


= I KNEW I NEEDED TO START STEEL BISON WHEN = I wanted to make art that was closest to my heart. Something I was 100% in control of. I see it as an extension of me and less of a brand. Just me doing what I want no matter if one or one-thousand people want to buy something. Obviously I am so thankful for everyone's support, but what I mean is making a blue and bright orange patch instead of a black and white one that would sell more units.


= IN THE COMING YEAR, THE FIVE THINGS I PLAN TO DO WITH STEEL BISON (THAT I FEEL COMFORTABLE TELLING PEOPLE ABOUT) ARE = So, so much. But I can't reveal most of it yet. There will be a big announcement in the next couple weeks… I will say this though - apparel is coming in 2014!

= I AM IN LOVE WITH THE AMERICAN WEST BECAUSE = Of it's beauty. There is just something about it that connects with me. The scenery. The animals. The everything. Also, Edward S. Curtis has had a big impact on me. His work is stellar. Also, Geronimo is one of  my favorite people in history.


= IF I COULD TAKE TWO WEEKS OFF, GET IN MY CAR, AND GO ANYWHERE, I WOULD PROBABLY = Drive to Monument Valley, Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, the Rocky Mountains, and Yosemite.


= TO KEEP INSPIRED, I THINK IT'S VERY IMPORTANT TO DO THE FOLLOWING FIVE THINGS WITH REGULARITY. = 1. Get outside and explore the American West. 2. Look at vintage design and old art. (Posters, books, postcards, matchbooks, etc.) 3. Talk to other artists and see what they are doing. I think great artists thrive off of each other. 4. Listen to music. 5. Listen to Kanye West interviews. I think creatives can learn from what he has to say.