AVEC L'HOMME: Nate Remington of Basics of Man


Another fellow Midwestern blogger I met around this time last year, good pal Nate Remington hails from Eau Claire WI and isn't around Minneapolis all that often -- yet when I am able to hang with him and his wife Michelle, results are typically jovial.


Nate's the type to whom I can suggest we visit a grimey church thrift store no one else is brave enough to dig through, or a saddle shop that no one else has ever heard of, or a desolate industrial dumping ground that no one else would ever need to go to in the name of a photo shoot, and not only will Nate suddenly be all over it, he'll claim he was ready to go yesterday.


With a great eye for style and look, his blog Basics of Man is something I suggest peeping on your lunch hour. Like me Nate is always onto the the next thing before he's half-way through his first, but that's fine -- it just means Nate's perspective is continually fresh and never static. Currently mucking about the big city for NYFW, I look forward to the great content I know he'll return with.


Earlier this winter Nate worked with Faribault Woolen Mills to promote their capsule collection of blankets designed by Minneapolis stationer Twiddle and Bard. Additionally, Nate's been throwing up some items over at Lost Arrow Trading Post as of late that are, quite simply, adorable, although I don't know if he'd like me using that word to describe them.


Either way, I dig what he's up to, and in true friend fashion, we've promised each other a barter. I've been searching for primitive pattern inspiration for the piece I'm working on for Nate, so I bought a couple books when at the afore-mentioned grimey church thrift store last week. Here are some of the images from it that are proving particularly inspirational. He better like it Onwards friend, and godspeed!