GEAR: woolrich white aw14


Last night over a plate of fried green beans at a crowded pub full of jocular and bearded twenty-somethings, my friend asked if I considered myself to be a happy person.

"Well that's sort of a weird question," I said, maybe too quickly. "I mean, I try to not measure my sense of well-being by a level of happiness, because to me, happiness is circumstantial and fleeting."

He found this answer sufficient, but I continued. I had already ordered two whiskeys and was thus primed for a verbose soapbox spiel.

 "I'm hopeful and inspired and motivated, yes -- but I don't know about happy. And even that word -- it's batted around too much, the meaning has become so diluted.  Circumstances increase my level of happiness for a short while, but circumstances change. Happiness itself being fickle, I suppose then it's important to not chase after it too much -- you'll never possesses it as long as you think you should."

It was busy that night, and the place was filled with girls like me whose suede boots had salt stains creeping up the sides from all the horrid weather we've been having and yet they were still choosing to smoke outside in fair isle sweaters and LL Bean ski vests despite the snow and wind and chill.  I stopped to take a sip of my drink, raising my eyebrows as I set the glass back on its coaster. "But -- the promise of that new Woolrich White collection --that's making me pretty happy these days."


The inaugural lookbook for the one-hundred-and-eighty-four-year old brand's latest endeavor features a range of vests, pull-overs, jackets, and casual bottoms in trim cuts and bold colors. A nod to the brands early Pennsylvanian heritage is found in the women's blanket-stripe shawls, the buffalo-check coats, and the mackinaw-style jackets. However, a hefty dose of au-courant youthfulness is imbued with genius layering and sporty styling. I am in love with the Danner boots worn with trim khakis, the wedge-sole workshoes and oversized denim, the down vests that are worn underneath everything like one would wear a t-shirt, and the girl rocking a cuffed woolen trouser with elfin little work boots and a bad-ass buffalo plaid parka.

Also of note --the man wearing Tevas, grey wool socks, rolled-up selvedge denim, an awesome heritage flannel like the ones I thrift only better, and that sweater --all in one. I'm way into looking the part of a blissed-out Colorado college kid. So good. Clearing my closet now, because I don't know If I'll be happy until I own all of it.