WEEKENDS: morning inspiration


Somedays, creating comes easy. Something inside will have me tuned in, turned on, and ready to make it all happen.

Other days, I’ll have lost the spark and the project I started or the deadline I need to meet will seem daunting and un-doable.

Mornings where I’d just as soon stay at home to pad around the house in a stained t-shirt eating tortilla chips for breakfast are sad situations that are best left mitigated.

Thus, In order to not become a lackadaisical loaf-about when I'm just not feelin it , here is a list of what I do every  morning to stay on the course of creating. 

1. Get up. 2. Put on Merle Haggard. 3. Get presentable. 4. Get started.

The best solution is the counter-intuitive one.  When the work feels hard -- do more, without complaint. When I'm really uninspired is when it' s best for me to immerse myself in the work of another -- preferably someone of esteem and character.Subconsciously I’ll ask myself how they reached such an impressive apex of accomplishment, and subconsciously, I’ll answer -- through their own hard work.