AVEC L'HOMME: Photographer Parker Fitzgerald


January is when most of us feel ready for a change. For me, it is December -- my birthday month -- when I am full of plans and youthful action, as sleep escapes me during bouts of late-night list-making. It's all about how to get from THERE to HERE in the most direct way. Not a time for shortcuts, rather it is a time for strategy.

'Overgrowth' the newest work from Parker Fitzgerald + Riley Messina looks like what December feels like --    achingly slow, quietly beautiful, creatively contemplative.

Collaborating with his friend, the young floral designer behind Erba Floral, the prints are evocative of victorian portraiture and turn-of-the-century shadowbox craft, yet it is the anonymity of their subjects that elevates the work into the realms of the contemporary and the new.

The prints are available for purchase here, and I cannot recommend the work of both Fitzgerald and Messina with more fervency.

Riley Messina Photographed by Parker Fitzgerald
Riley Messina Photographed by Parker Fitzgerald