I sometimes work at a store where I sell jeans to people.

This is something I enjoy as blue jeans sell themselves off the shelves. Like milk and bread they are needed by everyone, and unlike other consumables, they arrive with no sartorial expiration date.

If you're out, and a pair is there, you might be in need of another. End of pitch.

Working in the service industry, one develops a quick ability to read people based on brief, impersonal interactions.

I am now frightfully good at guessing what other people want from me and being right.

What I never get right -- what girls age 18 to 29 think is cool. Being 23, and being a girl, consistently missing the mark on this is perplexing.

I like a straight-fit jean worn over pecos boots, or an anti-fit that's been beat to hell and looks all the better for it, especially when paired with a good heel -- so this is what I recommend.

But the batallion of boy-fit britches will sit forlornly on the shelves.  The girls march quickly past -- onwards, towards the leggings -- and manage to mention at least once that straight-leg jeans are not only 'weird' but also 'difficult to wear with things.'

Something so classic and basic, and so easy to wear with all things is now seen as outré? I can't believe it.