GO: Now Here in Nowhere


A few weeks ago I visited a quilt shop, located in an old and refurbished train station. It was divided into many rooms, still echoey even filled with bolts of fabric. The large wooden desk, originally used to buy train tickets, housed large cutting mats and heavy silver scissors.

 I walked outside, it was hot, and dry. Next to the quilt shop was a lonely state farm insurance office, and not far from there, a lumber mil.


I took some photos, mucking about on the empty tracks. A man leaned out of his green pick-up truck and asked if I needed a ride somewhere.  I said no.  He drove away, still looking in his rearview mirror, and I returned inside again to the quiet and the cool of the shop where I bought some embroidery floss.

For a long time, I kept the floss tucked away, until an image from an old seedbook sparked an idea.

I drew out the design from the seed book onto a piece of weaver's cloth, and finished the totem by punch-needle embroidery.

I've got a lot more ideas surrounding this new totem spirit gig I'm vibin' on. Looking forward to making more + sharing along the way. If you want your spirit animal on the back of something, just holler. I'm serious.